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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Animated social networking for blogger and blogs

Bloggers today depend largely on networks like Facebook, Google plus and twitter to drive traffic to their blogs. These tools are good only if they can attract a visitor to bookmark and share your content. From your website quality content till your blog design, every single bit counts in turning a visitor into a follower.
To help you with your dream of increasing fans and readers we bring you "Touch Me". Its named such due to its appealing look that forces a visitor to roll hover the cursor over the icons and hit follow!

 How To Install
  1. Next, click on the 'Layout' tab
  2.  click on the "Add a Gadget".
  3. click on the " HTML/JavaScript".
  4. Paste in the code.
    /*--------Touch Me Sharing Widget ------*/
    .touchme a {
    padding:0 4px;
    background:transparent url(http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-xRpNvkvG_xA/UDF7pFqYF9I/AAAAAAAABqM/sepr-QyLl9M/s1600/Sharing+Touch+Me.png) no-repeat;
    -webkit-transition: ease-in 0.2s all;  
    -moz-transition: ease-in 0.2s all;  
    -o-transition: ease-in 0.2s all;  
    -ms-transition: ease-in 0.2s all;  
    transition: ease-in 0.2s all;


    .touchme a.googleplus {
    background-position: 0px -58px;

    .touchme a.googleplus:hover {
    background-position: 0px 0px;

    .touchme a.twitter {
    background-position: 0px -290px;

    .touchme a.twitter:hover {
    background-position: 0px -232px;

    .touchme a.facebook {
    background-position: 0px -406px;

    .touchme a.facebook:hover {
    background-position: 0px -348px;


    .touchme a.rss {
    background-position: 0px -174px;

    .touchme a.rss:hover {
    background-position: 0px -116px;



    <div class='touchme'>

    <a class='rss' href="YOUR RSS LINK" rel='external nofollow' target='_blank'></a>

    <!--Google Plus-->
    <a class='googleplus' href="YOUR GOOGLE PROFILE LINK" rel='external nofollow' target='_blank'></a>

    <a class='facebook' href="YOUR FACEBOOK LINK" rel='external nofollow' target='_blank'></a>

    <!-- Twitter -->
    <a class='twitter' href="YOUR TWITTER LINK" rel='external nofollow' target='_blank' ></a>


Please fill these requirements:
  • Replace YOUR RSS LINK with your Feed burner link.
  • Replace YOUR GOOGLE PROFILE LINK with your Google+ URL
  • Replace YOUR FACEBOOK LINK with your Facebook URL
  • Replace YOUR TWITTER LINK with your Twitter Profile URL 
  • save&enjoy!


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