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Monday, August 13, 2012

Easy Remove Navbar In Blogger

New option to Turn off Navbar of your Blogger Blog,
when I first started Blogging it was somewhat of an issue.The issue wasn't is there a way to remove it, there were lots of tutorials showing how to remove the Blogger navbar.No the issue was "Are we allowed to remove the Blogger Navbar?".Many at the time feared removal could be against Blogger TOS and therefore end up in blogs being removed or accounts being closed.Blogger were always quiet on the issue but as there was never a story of a blog being effected because of removing the navbar we presumed it was OK

I guess Blogger have now spoke as loud as possible on the issue as they have actually added the option to remove it or turn it off.So if your not a fan of the Blogger nav bar here is the new way to turn it off.Also check out the links at the end of the post to have a cool hover effect Navbar and move the Navbar to the bottom of pages.

How do !
Step 1. In the new Blogger dashboard Click the drop down for your blog > Choose Layout.
Step 2. Click Edit For The Navbar :
 done ,


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